Cathaus Coffee Company

Our Journey To Perfection

Born out of desire for a traditional, consistent cup of coffee, Cathaus Coffee’s roots originated from a free sample of green beans and having the tools on hand that “home roasters’ were using to roast their own coffee beans. No more charbucks, no more coffee that tastes like melted ice cream: Just coffee that tastes amazing. Every time.

Not one to let things be, I modified the tools that I had to create better, more consistent flavor at a higher roasting yield.
After letting family and friends benefit from my new hobby, and getting a lot of positive feedback, I scaled up and with the help of a neighbor, we built a better, bigger roaster from scratch. American ingenuity powered by American-roasted coffee!
Fast-forward to today. Even though the equipment has changed, we still only roast in small batches, this ensures the consistency we look for in our coffee. Sticking to quality processes and hardline attention to the basics, AND using finest quality beans, we are positive you’ll agree; Cathaus Coffee It’s worth every penny!
We look forward to hearing from you! Send us an email on our contact form, follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we will be posting coupon codes and from time to time have contests and Cathaus Coffee Give-Aways!

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